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Why Adsposure

Out-of-Home (OOH) Transit Advertising and Adsposure Reach People.

The urbanization of America means cities are experiencing a surge in popularity by Millennials, Empty Nesters and so many others to live in the downtown area. This surge is prompting more businesses to relocate downtown, and more cities to bring on trolley, light rail and streetcar systems to service transportation needs. Urbanization will continue to grow and that means transit advertising via bus ads, bus and rail shelters advertisements, rail systems ads, and bus benches will be the way to reach consumers. This ad medium can’t be skipped or turned off like other forms of advertising, and it reaches real people, not robots.


Adsposure has been partnering with leading businesses across a wide range of industries to maximize their advertising dollars through out-of-home advertising since 2006. We help businesses build brand awareness, and create spontaneous recall.


With a local presence in the five markets we serve (Cincinnati, Des Moines, Kansas City, Lexington and Nashville), our Account Executives are part of the community they sell and know the market inside and out. Our management team comes from broadcast, print and digital media so we know the challenges and weaknesses of each medium. Our collective knowledge and understanding makes us very successful at putting the enormous power and creativity of transit advertising to work for businesses in all industry segments.


Do you have short-term or long-term marketing goals? We’ll design a transit media plan that lets you maximize your marketing spend while reaching millions of people at one of the lowest costs per impression in advertising. We look forward to understanding your unique marketing goals and demonstrating the power of transit advertising.


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