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What Should I Consider When Designing my Company’s Transit Ad?

Transit advertising design creates a visual story for your audience. A creatively done bus ad not only catches attention, but will boost your brand awareness. Designing bus ads can be challenging, but with these tips you will capture consumers’ attention and see your company’s sales rise.


Create a visual keeping in mind that your bus ad will be on the move so keep it clean and eye-catching yet easy to understand. Your logo or name should be prominent and easy to read. Limit ad copy and keep headlines big and bold. Keep it simple to convey your message. Make it memorable and consider using a bold photo or a catch phrase to get attention. Adding humor to bus wrap advertising can also be a way to make consumers remember you. Bold colors and high contrasting elements will be easier to see especially at a distance. Stay away from smaller unnecessary elements like complete addresses or area codes when local. Most of your audience will use your website to find out more about you. Have a call to action that gives consumers a reason to reach out.


Tying your existing ad campaigns to transit advertising also builds greater brand recognition and awareness. Keep in mind, bus ads create a “visual hammer” – the image that reinforces your company’s verbal positioning statement. If you already have a visual hammer you’re using in TV or digital campaigns, creating that same visual on a large scale bus format will extend your brand awareness and spontaneous recall immensely. 


There are many different bus ad options that will give you plenty of space to be creative and allow your brand to stand out.


  • Extended ads allow elements of your message to go up into the windows of the buses to catch attention.
  • Portrait bus ads on the passenger side of the bus will catch riders as they enter the doors as it spans the height of the bus.
  • Rear bus ads catch the attention of commuters that are behind the bus and full bus wrap advertising uses the entire bus to grab the attention of everyone nearby.


Buses move around the market 365 days a year delivering your message. We can help you start taking advantage of the power of transit advertising!