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Why Transit Advertising

Get noticed for less with Transit Advertising

On the fence about transit and how it would fit in to your marketing mix? We feel our medium will actually play a vital role in your marketing mix, enhancing the frequency to those reached, and reaching consumers missed by other media efforts. Think about the value transit advertising brings in a world that continues to have new electronic distractions. Most businesses today have trouble reaching the same number of consumers as they did just ten years ago. One simple reason is the number of new places you have to go to look. The old world was about TV, Radio and Newspaper. The new world is about Google, YouTube, iPhones, iPads, video games and social media. We believe you will find Transit Advertising will help cure your struggle to get noticed. Transit Advertising will help you cut through the clutter.

Below is how the Outdoor Association of America (OAAA) sees Out-of-Home (OOH) complimenting other media:

Broadcast Television and Out-of-Home: Out-of-home reinforces television messages when viewers are away from their homes during the course of daily activities. It minimizes wasted coverage and improves an advertiser’s campaign by providing the ability to target ad messages geographically. Television is expensive. And OOH improves the efficiency of a television campaign buy by driving down the cost per impression (CPM). It reaches light TV viewers who are younger, mobile, and more affluent than heavy TV viewers.

Cable Television and Out-of-Home: The combination of Out-of-home and cable television offers advertisers similar benefits to the combination of OOH and broadcast television. It reinforces television messages when viewers are away from their homes during the course of daily activities. Cable television delivers relatively small but targeted audiences compared to broadcast television. OOH improves cable television’s delivery by improving the overall reach of a campaign. Out-of-home offers localized media reinforcement of cable television advertising.

Radio and Out-of-Home: The combination of radio and Out-of-home reaches a mobile audience, offering a balance of sight and sound. Radio messages are susceptible to channel surfing. OOH can maintain the market presence of a brand featured on radio after listeners have switched stations. Radio is considered a frequency medium and Out-of-home can increase the reach of a radio campaign by providing broad market appeal to radio listeners.

Newspaper and Out-of-Home: Out-of-home can resolve some of newspaper’s distribution shortcomings by offering selective targeting. OOH penetrates newspaper zones that are too large for reaching neighborhood target areas.Newspapers have a short shelf life. Out-of-home can extend the life of a newspaper campaign by presenting ad messages in a marketplace 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Readership rates are declining and will likely continue due to increasing numbers of alternate news sources. Out-of-home’s very nature is unavoidable and impacts consumers lost to other source options.

Internet and Out-of-Home: Internet and Out-of-home advertising reach similar audiences. Both market to a younger, educated, affluent, and mobile audience. OOH extends the reach and frequency of an Internet campaign when users are offline. The brevity of Out-of-home’s copy is ideal for driving traffic to a website.