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Lexington Transit Advertising



Whether you’re considering advertising on the side of a bus, wrapping your brand message around the entire bus, an interior card ad to reach riders or even paratransit ads, Adsposure has the expertise to create a media plan to get you results. We’ve been designing and implementing out-of-home (OOH) advertising for businesses in every industry since 2006.


Transit ads surround and engage consumers during the 70% of the day when they’re away from home. These ads are big, they’re bold and come in a range of sizes.


 What Makes Transit Advertising Different from Other Media?

  • It can’t be blocked or totally skipped and is seen by humans, not bots
  • Your brand message makes millions of impressions in just a few months
  • Your large, impactful ads are rolling around town 18 hours a day
  • Every demographic can be reached
  • It’s one of the lowest costs per impression in media


Do you need further proof? Findings from a study by RealityMine showed OOH’s weekly reach of 99% among adults tops all other media.


Contact us and our local Lexington account team will show you how we’ve been utilizing this powerful form of advertising with tremendous results for our clients.


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