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Lexington Transit Advertising



Lexington Advertising

There are many reasons Lexington is one of the most popular places to visit in the country. Lexington is the centerpiece of the state of Kentucky with no shortage of things to do. Lextran, the official public transportation system in Lexington, travels all around Lexington, providing access to everything the great city has to offer. With thousands of people moving around the city daily, either on foot or in a vehicle, transit advertising is the lowest cost per impression to get your brand recognized.


The Horse Capital of the World

Horse racing enthusiasts and horse people in general can certainly get their fix while visiting Lexington. Visitors can see and learn about different breeds of horses by attending shows, museums, art galleries, demonstrations and of course, races. Horse lovers can spend days in Lexington and not see everything horse related that the city has to offer.


Kentucky Bourbon

Lexington is also known for being the home to five of the most historic distilleries in the state. Bourbon aficionados and novices alike can learn about the whiskey history and distillery process in Lexington. 


Advantages of Transit Media in Lexington

Horses and bourbon may be popular attractions in Lexington, but they definitely aren’t the only reasons people visit and live here. With the multitude of galleries, shops, restaurants, tours, parks and historical places, people don’t stay in one place for long. Because so many people are out and about daily in Lexington, transit advertising is extremely effective. Lextran bus advertising will reach more than one million unique views in a span of just a few months. Here are some of the other top advantages:


  1. You can’t block or turn off transit advertising like digital or broadcast media.
  2. Bold transit ads cannot be missed, especially in heavy traffic or large crowds.
  3. Your transit ads travel downtown and into the Lexington suburbs, for maximum exposure to all demographics.


Adsposure has had the pleasure of helping companies with their transit advertising for more than a decade. We know exactly how to get your brand’s message across by utilizing transit media. Contact Us today to get your company seen in one of the top cities in the country!

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