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Kansas City Advertising

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Whether people are into sports, creative arts, shopping or a general mix of entertainment, one thing’s for sure: No one will ever be bored in Kansas City! There is something different to do on virtually every downtown street.


In order to make this wide range of attractions accessible, the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority has numerous options for public transportation. As a result, KCATA advertising is the most effective way to get your brand’s message across in and around the city with transit advertising. Not only will your ads be seen by thousands of people on a daily basis, but they will be seen by people with different interests all around town.


The Kansas City Scene

There are plenty of things to do and visit in Kansas City year-round. The KC Tap Tour is popular for people who want to experience a ton of local beers. There are plenty of breweries in the area giving daily tours. The River Market is a hot spot for food lovers, offering fresh meat, produce, and flowers from Kansas farms. The city also offers a bustling nightlife, with the Westport district’s historic restaurants and shopping options. 18th and Vine is perfect for jazz lovers, and the Kansas City Power & Light District is a popular spot for concerts and citywide parties.


The Benefits of Kansas City Transit Advertising

  • You can’t turn off or block transit ads like other media.
  • Millions of impressions are made in just a few months.
  • Your large, impactful ads will be visible 24/7.
  • Every demographic can be reached all around town.
  • It’s one of the lowest costs per impression.


Adsposure has been designing and implementing transit advertising for companies since 2006. Contact us and let us help you develop an effective strategy for maximum advertising visibility. A hopping city like Kansas City makes it the perfect place for transit advertising!


If you would like more information on Transit advertising in Kansas City, or any of our partner markets, please Contact Us any time. 

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