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The Renaissance is REAL. It’s happening all around the city on the lake. Rust Belt? More like Resilient Belt! Cleveland is all about Passion. Clevelanders are all in!

Some say the Renaissance truly started when Lebron came home but it had been building for a while. The Cavs resurgence just gave Cleveland a national if not global stage.

Oh, they love their sports in Cleveland…in success or failure. Must be a “Lake-Thing” huh Chicago? But that is just the beginning. The medical community prides itself on being one of the best in the country. Food and festivals are done with in a big way. Lest us not forget the Arts. Cleveland is home to the largest theater district outside of NYC.

Downtown is on a big time rise with business and residential rates at all time lows.

The Comeback City is on a roll recognized by many. In 2014 Cleveland hosted the World Gay Games and in 2016 the Republican National Convention…the only American city to host both events.

St. Patty’s Day or The Irish Fest, Tailgating for Browns or Indians, or Rock N Roll Hall inductions…Cleveland Truly Rocks!

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