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Cincinnati Bus Advertising


Cincinnati, Ohio has long been an attraction for both locals and tourists alike. Thanks to city efforts, the downtown and the river bank have been rejuvenated to ensure the area is lively day and night. To keep up with the popularity of The Banks and other new developments, the city has added additional means of public transportation.


One of those forms of transportation is the Cincinnati Bell Connector, which links many businesses with Government Square, Fountain Square, the Contemporary Arts Center, the Public Library, Aronoff Center, JACK Cincinnati Casino, the Gateway Quarter, the School for the Creative and Performing Arts, Music Hall, Washington Park and the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. 


But Metro buses are still the most widely used form of public transportation in Cincinnati. With the many buses making multiple stops on each route, increasing brand awareness through bus advertising can be an attractive option. No matter if people are walking, biking, driving their own vehicle or using any form of public transportation, they are going to see the Metro buses on the road. With bus wrap advertising in Cincinnati, you’ll get great exposure for your company, not only in the popular downtown area, but to the city’s outskirts in all directions.


Cincinnati Offers Variety

Consider all the things people do in Cincinnati including music and food festivals, sporting events, restaurants, entertainment options and more:

With the various things to do, Cincinnati advertising will reach a diverse crowd. Increasing brand awareness and spontaneous recall through bus wrap advertising is effective because you will literally make thousands of impressions on any given day, ensuring your company is top of mind with potential customers. You’ll never go through Cincinnati without seeing lots of activity, along with Metro busses. With so many events going on, companies can take advantage of the great opportunities available with bus advertising.


Downtown Redevelopment Makes Cincinnati More Popular

The redevelopment of downtown Cincinnati has increased traffic in the area. More people are using public transportation than ever before to go to lunch, hit the shopping centers or see other local attractions. This makes bus wrap advertising even more effective because you can get your message in front of people as they are out and about. According to a 2013 Arbitron study in, over the course of a typical week, two thirds of travelers make their purchasing decisions at some location outside their home. Over half report making purchasing decisions most frequently when they are not at home. When consumers see big, bold, creative bus ads that deliver larger-than-life messages they can’t help but think of your company when making that decision.


Whether it’s the sports scene, a trip to The Banks or just spending hanging out in OTR or downtown, Cincinnati has never been more popular than it is now. The possibilities for out-of-home advertising are endless, and Adsposure is the expert when it comes to utilizing this form of advertising. In fact, Adsposure has created remarkable results through transit advertising since 2006. Learn how your business can benefit from transit media and Cincinnati bus advertising by contacting us today.


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