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Cincinnati Transit Advertising

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Ohio’s Queen City, Cincinnati, has a bustling urban center with plenty of great activities and sights. The revamped downtown and newly overhauled riverbank area are popular attractions for both locals and tourists alike. The improvements to the urban area have made downtown even more popular, especially with the new means of public transportation available. More and more people are heading to the urban core to live, work and play.


The Cincinnati Bell Connector is becoming a popular public transportation resource with its link to downtown and uptown businesses, and connection through the historic Over-the-Rhine neighborhood. In addition to local attractions, employees working in these areas are often seen on the Cincinnati Bell Connector, going to lunch or running errands during the day.  The increased traffic makes the Cincinnati Bell Connector advertising extremely effective for local and national businesses.  With 18 stops for picking up thousands of people on a daily basis, out-of-home advertisements have extremely high visibility. With so many riders, the Cincinnati Bell Connector service is a great way to increase brand awareness with transit advertising.


Cincinnati’s Metro buses run throughout the city, serving neighborhoods east, west, north and south, and the city center downtown. Advertising on the Metro means your big, bold transit ads are seen by drivers and their passengers, people walking by and those waiting for the bus. These ads can’t be avoided like radio or TV, and they reach real people, something you can’t be sure of with digital advertising. 


But what else does Cincinnati have to offer?


Sports, Sports and More Sports

You may not find a more loyal following of sports fans than in Cincinnati. Whether it’s the Reds Major League Baseball team or the Bengals National Football League team, sports are huge here. In fact, when it’s opening day for the Reds, the city essentially shuts down and considers it an unofficial holiday. Thousands of people line up for the parade, taking in the spirit of Cincinnati’s sports, craft beer and food culture. You can imagine the possibilities for transit advertising during this time and throughout the season.


Other Cincinnati Attractions

Sports aside, Cincinnati is a year-round attraction for both tourists and locals. The city hosts the largest Oktoberfest in the country, dwarfed only by the original festival in Germany. Dozens of local breweries are scattered around the city and visitors can take brewery bus tours to each location, creating ample opportunity for bus advertising in popular tourist areas.


With the bustling downtown area, intense sports fandom, and large festivals, the need for transportation and the potential for transit advertising in Cincinnati is endless. The Cincinnati Bell Connector and Metro system make traveling from attraction to attraction easier than ever. It’s almost guaranteed people will see an advertisement when they take the Cincinnati Bell Connector to the Reds game after a steaming 5-way at Skyline or a trip to Findlay market.


With so many things to do in Cincinnati like trips to hang out at restaurants, bars and museums along The Banks, or heading into OTR for food, and entertainment there are endless possibilities to reach the masses with big, creative out-of-home transit advertising.


Adsposure has been utilizing this powerful form of transit advertising since 2006 with tremendous results. To see how much your company could benefit from Cincinnati advertising, please contact us today.




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