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Transit Advertising: How Long Does it Take to Have My Advertisements Rolling Around Town?

Your transit ads will be up and running 5-10 business days after your print-ready art has been approved. Two variables that can delay a campaign are not having print-ready art and a delay in approving the designs.


Transit Advertisements are eye-level with consumers!

Print-ready art: With transit advertising, billboards are eye-level, not sky-level, which means graphics will be right in front of thousands of consumers every day. Before going to print, Adsposure will work with you to ensure your images/logos/colors are set up to be printed in a high-resolution format.


Direct General King Kong Transit Advertisement

Approved designs: Adsposure offers a full-service professional design team to help concept and design your transit ads. If you already have someone designing your transit billboards, feel free to leverage our experience in mobile billboard design to ensure your advertisements are laid out in an effective manner, creating extraordinary results.