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Transit Advertising Creates Spontaneous Recall!

When you’re competing for share in the marketplace you need your brand to have what we at Adsposure call Spontaneous Recall. Spontaneous recall is creating enough awareness and familiarity with your brand to ensure your business is top-of-mind when a consumer needs the products and/or services you offer. We’ll be talking a lot more about spontaneous recall in future articles.


Did you know when a need arises, 80% of consumers pick a brand they are already familiar with? Out-of-home (OOH) transit advertising is the perfect medium to help your business create spontaneous recall.


  • 91% of U.S. residents 16 or older, who have traveled in a vehicle in the past month noticed some form of out-of-home advertising*
  • 55% of those U.S. residents changed their plans to visit the business advertised*
  • 50% of consumers surveyed say they continue to notice OOH ads after a month, and 54% say they continue to notice ads after 3-months**

Traditional media like TV and radio only reach the people who listen to the genre or who watch specific shows. Does that mean you are forced to place ads on multiple stations at multiple hours to reach everyone you want to reach?


TV and radio can also be turned off and completely avoided. How many people do you know who DVR shows or who view their shows via services like Netflix, Hulu, or HBO Now just so they can skip the commercials? What about radio? Do you listen to the ads when you really don’t have to?


OOH transit media can’t be avoided, and its reach is incredible. Buses move around cities 365 days a year, and average 18 hours a day of coverage. Your message will reach consumers of all demographics and they can’t be turned off or avoided like traditional media. Now that’s amazing reach and frequency!







Transit bus ads roll around the town all day, in and out of the city and neighborhoods north, south, east and west, delivering your visual hammer. Transit ads are big, they’re bold and they can’t be missed.


If you want to achieve spontaneous recall of your business, let Adsposure show you how the power of transit advertising can work for you.


Sources: *Nielsen, **SocialVibe