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The Extended Kong – Creative Transit Display Demanding Attention

One of the many advantages of using transit advertising to deliver your message, is the wide variety of creative displays that can be created to promote your company to the masses.  One display type in particular with wide appeal is the Extended Kong. The Extended Kong adds a whole new level of creativity, demanding attention from potential customers. These ads create a buzz, and get people talking and sharing what they’ve seen. The Extended Kong takes the already valuable Kong format and adds an even larger area for companies to advertise. The Extended Kong extends into the windows of the buses.

One example in Nashville, TN is Advertureworks’ use of the Extended Kong format. Adventureworks offers distinctive “adventures” that focus on experience-based training and development. In their latest campaign, Adventureworks wanted to focus on highlighting their zip line tours in a creative and fun way. A perfect way of accomplishing this was through the use of not only bus advertising, but Extended Kongs. This really allowed Adventureworks to work with a creative pallet. Their objective was to create an advertisement that would turn heads with a very unique look. The Extended Kong, as you can see in the picture below, really allowed them to bring their zip line tours to life by making it look like someone was zip lining from the top of a bus. Mission Accomplished!

If you’ve been in the Nashville area, there is a pretty good chance this ad grabbed your attention and made you aware of Adventureworks.

Extended Kong ads give businesses the ability to be inventive by advertising in a “Larger Than Life” way. The Extended Kong is a value to any and all businesses, no matter the product or service offering.