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Des Moines Shelter Advertising

Bus stop advertising isn’t just for bus passengers. It’s also impacting Des Moines locals and visitors walking, riding or driving by. Rapid growth and attraction to the city means more people are using the Des Moines Area Regional Transportation (DART). What better place to get your company’s message across to a diverse group of people than a bus shelter?


The great thing about advertising on bus shelters is you can strategically place your advertisement to ensure the right demographic sees it. If you want to target a corporate crowd, then there are plenty of bus stop advertising opportunities around large office buildings. Conversely, family oriented brands can target Des Moines neighborhoods with suburban bus shelter advertising.


A Lot To Do in Des Moines

There’s much more to Des Moines than just skyscrapers and housing developments. There are many popular attractions around the city all year, such as:


  • Iowa State Fairgrounds
  • Des Moines Art Center
  • Greater Des Moines Botanical Garden
  • Golf courses
  • Museums


While the bus system is efficient when it comes to transporting people to and from these events, people will still have to wait at the bus stop for several minutes. This is only one of the great opportunities for DART advertising at bus shelters.


The Advantages of Bus Shelter Advertising

One of the reasons to employ bus shelter advertising  at any of the many bus stops along DART’s routes is to reap the benefits of reaching a wide range of demographics. Since advertising on a bus shelter is static, you can target various audiences by advertising at available shelters in neighborhoods around the bus route. If your business is near a bus stop, your advertisement will be extremely effective at a nearby shelter, especially if your target audience can see your building nearby.


There are bus shelters wherever the transit system goes, including different neighborhoods, shopping areas and business centers. As a result, your ad will reach many people day and night, whether they are passengers waiting for the bus, pedestrians or drivers. With so many things to do in Des Moines throughout the year, you can rest easy knowing you are getting one of the lowest costs per impression to maximize your advertising dollar.


Adsposure has found Des Moines to be one of the best cities for bus shelter advertising. It’s one of the best advertising values available . Contact us to learn more about the great value shelter advertising offers.


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