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We’re a mobile society and studies show consumers spend 70% of their day outside the home. We’re constantly on the go traveling to work, to family functions, running errands, and going out on the town to enjoy local restaurants and entertainment venues. A transit shelter ad placed at targeted locations throughout the city is an effective way to reach people while they’re out and about.


As the urban core in many cities continues to grow and attract businesses and people, more and more consumers are choosing to utilize transit buses, rail, ride-share, walking and riding bikes to get to their destinations. Bus shelter ads are a very cost-effective way to reach these people. It’s an in-your-face portrait brand message delivery system that can’t be beat when it comes to getting the best bang for your advertising buck.


The frequency of bus stops around the city allows an advertiser to place multiple ads along high traffic roadways and crossroads. Bus shelter ads are created at eye-level. They’re big, they’re bold and they get noticed. Their colorful messaging can’t be missed as consumers pass by. And, they reach both pedestrian and vehicle traffic. 


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