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As the urban core grows in many cities, people are spending more time traveling to and from the city center for business and entertainment. This continuing trend means more and more people are relying on mass transit to get them to the places they need to go. What does that mean for advertisers? The opportunity to get your message in front of thousands of people in all age ranges, backgrounds and incomes each day.


Multiple Advertising Formats are Available by Market

Exterior: Full Wrap and Extended Kong Ads

Interior Cards: Overhead, Over Hang and Side Panels

In-Station: Pole Banners, Benches, Column Poles, Signage, Windows and Stairs


Station Naming Rights (Cincinnati) – Designated high profile spots along the Cincinnati Bell Connector route allows an advertiser to brand the shelter, street signage, and a bronze plaque embedded into the tiles in front of the shelter. 


Station Domination (Nashville) – This media strategy allows an advertiser to create a completely branded environment in Music City Central by displaying their messages on every available advertising space in the rail station.


Benefits of Out-of-Home Rail Advertising

  • Ridership frequency equals repeated exposure to your message, creating top-of-mind awareness and spontaneous recall.
  • Reaches a captive audience of consumers with smartphones in hand. Out-of-home drives online activity. Just check out these findings from Nielsen.
  • Can’t be turned off, skipped over or completely avoided like TV or radio advertising.
  • Exterior and In-Station ads provide high impact messaging with big, bold creative designs.
  • Interior rail ads allow for more copy.
  • And, let’s not forget…it has one of the lowest costs per impression in advertising.


Adsposure’s out-of-home media experts will develop a successful transit advertising plan designed around your marketing objectives. Call or email us for more information about rail advertising in Cincinnati on the Cincinnati Bell Connector, or Nashville on the Music City Star and Music City Central.