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How Much Does Transit Advertising Cost?

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Are you thinking about adding transit advertising into your marketing plan? If you think transit advertising may be a good fit for your marketing mix this year but aren’t sure how much it costs or how those costs compare to other media options, sitting down with an experienced Out-of-Home advertising specialist makes sense. First our team will want to get to know your business and your marketing goals. During the brief meeting, we’ll ask you about your business to understand what you want the message of the advertisement to be – brand awareness or a special promotion, for example. Then we’ll seek to understand the types of advertising you’ve done in the past, and whether you’ve used out-of-home media previously. Listening, asking questions, and gathering this information will enable our advertising specialist to put together a few transit advertising recommendations to help you meet your marketing goals.

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Keep in mind, the variables used to determine the overall costs for a transit media campaign include, but are not limited to:

  • The type of transit ad displays you choose
  • How long you want the ad campaign to run
  • When you want to advertise – peak seasons will impact available inventory
  • The number of transit advertising billboards you want
  • What geographical locations you want to saturate

Placing your big, bold brand message or promotion on buses that roll around town all day, means your message reaches people in all demographics. And did you know this type of advertising has one of the lowest cost per impressions of any other media option? Your marketing dollars go further with an out-of-home media plan through Adsposure.

For more detailed information about any or all of the above points, please contact your local Adsposure office. We’d love to help your business Reach. People.

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