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Get “In Shape” with Bench Advertising!

Staying in shape has become an important way of life for many individuals.  Consumers can find a big corporate gym, or a small fitness studio dedicated to personal training, yoga, or even pilates in almost every neighborhood in Nashville.  Many owners of these studios/gyms have decided to target their clients by advertising in the neighborhoods where they’re located.  This industry has become so cutthroat; many studios/gyms will place their advertising message directly in front their competition. This is a strategic approach that markets to a demographic that already has a need for those services.  It’s an easy plan and effective way to catch the eye of current gym/studio members and present the value their company offers.  This is true with any business and their competition. 

There have been quite a few examples where this had not happened and the space opens directly to the competition.  So, take advantage of any and all opportunities to drive traffic and attract consumers to your business before your competition invades your backyard.