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Does Transit Advertising Really Work?

While in NJ last week on business, I was provided rides between meetings, coffee, and lunch by P&P Taxi Service (best taxi service in NJ by the way).  During one of my rides, the driver and I got to talking about my line of work, from fleet graphics to transit advertising.  Aside from the typical questions about how much the different solutions cost, he asked me if transit advertising really works.  “I just don’t think I would call a business to buy something because I saw it on a bus” he said.  I agreed with him and explained that it’s not the individual media that an advertisement is on, with the exception of Infomercials, but that it’s the overall media mix.

Two things come to mind that I perceive to be very true within advertising:

1)       Technology (DVRs, satellite and online radio, etc) has made it very tough for advertisers to reach consumers

2)      Advertisers cannot create a need for their product or service.

If the two above items weren’t a factor, consumers would need a ton of things and be aware of every option available to them, forcing price to be the determining factor!  This isn’t the case though, so advertisers must be very strategic in their ad placement.  They need to keep in mind that while traditional digital media (Radio & TV) is still popular, it isn’t quite as effective as it was five years ago because consumers now have the ability to avoid advertisements!

To ensure their advertisements are reaching consumers, local and national businesses are investing in transit advertising, a medium that can’t be skipped, or missed!  The choice to use transit advertising guarantees the advertiser will deliver their message to the entire DMA.  Including transit advertising in a media plan not only increases the overall reach of the campaign, but also the frequency at which the message is delivered.  This combination augments the amount of touch points an advertiser has, enhancing brand awareness and recognition, which is extremely valuable when there is a need for their solution because it puts the advertiser in the consideration set of options!

Upon the completion of my commute and our long winded conversation about advertising and the value associated with having a media mix that included transit advertising, he realized that part of the reason he was familiar with the local insurance company (that we saw during our commute) was because he saw their ads on the buses multiple times a week.

T Mobile Full Bus Wrap

T Mobile Full Bus Wrap