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How Long Will it Take For My Transit Ads to Start Rolling Around Town?

Once you and your Adsposure Account Executive determine which type of transit campaign strategy is best for your goals, we’ll begin the creative process. And, as long as you have print-ready artwork and the approval process moves along as planned there will be no delay in getting your message out on the streets reaching thousands of consumers each day building your brand, and creating top-of-mind awareness and spontaneous...

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What side of the bus do I want my advertisements to go on?

This is a question we commonly receive in the beginning stages of our transit advertising consultation and it depends on what your goals are. Side Displays: Placing your ads on the Driver or Passenger side of the bus will reach commuters on every major artery as well as consumers who are using the sidewalks. Your ads will travel through suburbs, downtown areas, and around college campuses throughout the day. Passenger side ads also...

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How Much Does Transit Advertising Cost?

Are you thinking about adding transit advertising into your marketing plan? If you think transit advertising may be a good fit for your marketing mix this year but aren’t sure how much it costs or how those costs compare to other media options, sitting down with an experienced Out-of-Home advertising specialist makes sense. First our team will want to get to know your business and your marketing goals. During the brief meeting,...

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The Extended Kong – Creative Transit Display Demanding Attention

One of the many advantages of using transit advertising to deliver your message, is the wide variety of creative displays that can be created to promote your company to the masses.  One display type in particular with wide appeal is the Extended Kong. The Extended Kong adds a whole new level of creativity, demanding attention from potential customers. These ads create a buzz, and get people talking and sharing what they’ve seen. The...

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Get “In Shape” with Bench Advertising!

Staying in shape has become an important way of life for many individuals.  Consumers can find a big corporate gym, or a small fitness studio dedicated to personal training, yoga, or even pilates in almost every neighborhood in Nashville.  Many owners of these studios/gyms have decided to target their clients by advertising in the neighborhoods where they’re located.  This industry has become so cutthroat; many studios/gyms will...

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Does Transit Advertising Really Work?

While in NJ last week on business, I was provided rides between meetings, coffee, and lunch by P&P Taxi Service (best taxi service in NJ by the way).  During one of my rides, the driver and I got to talking about my line of work, from fleet graphics to transit advertising.  Aside from the typical questions about how much the different solutions cost, he asked me if transit advertising really works.  “I just don’t think I would...

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