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How Much Does Transit Advertising Cost?

Are you thinking about adding transit advertising into your marketing plan? If you think transit advertising may be a good fit for your marketing mix this year but aren’t sure how much it costs or how those costs compare to other media options, sitting down with an experienced Out-of-Home advertising specialist makes sense. First our team will want to get to know your business and your marketing goals. During the brief meeting,...

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The Extended Kong – Creative Transit Display Demanding Attention

One of the many advantages of using transit advertising to deliver your message, is the wide variety of creative displays that can be created to promote your company to the masses.  One display type in particular with wide appeal is the Extended Kong. The Extended Kong adds a whole new level of creativity, demanding attention from potential customers. These ads create a buzz, and get people talking and sharing what they’ve seen. The...

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Get “In Shape” with Bench Advertising!

Staying in shape has become an important way of life for many individuals.  Consumers can find a big corporate gym, or a small fitness studio dedicated to personal training, yoga, or even pilates in almost every neighborhood in Nashville.  Many owners of these studios/gyms have decided to target their clients by advertising in the neighborhoods where they’re located.  This industry has become so cutthroat; many studios/gyms will...

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Effective Transit Ads Sure To Catch Consumers’ Eyes

Transit Advertising allows companies to cover the entire market numerous times daily, provide coverage at high traffic destinations, and reach the town’s surrounding major markets.  Here are some examples of effective and eye catching transit ads! Here are two advertisements for Hollywood Casino that are both bold and eye-catching, making them immediately noticeable on the road.  The first one, an advertisement for Boogie Nights...

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Transit Advertising used to drive a business segment for Graeter’s!

Graeter’s is well known for their…well…darned good ice cream! However, did you know that Graeter’s also has a bakery with a full line of bakery goods available? From homemade candies to some of the best cakes and pies you can think of, Graeter’s makes it!  If you haven’t experienced them through your network of friends, family, and co-workers, or you haven’t visited one of their locations you may not have known that they had all of...

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Outdoor Advertising Produces Results When Promoting an Event!

Why do you think that is?  If you were to ask me, I’d instantly reply with two reasons: Outdoor Advertising reaches everyone!  It casts a wide net.  There isn’t a consumer who drives with their eyes closed.  There is no way to DVR a 40’ bus carrying an advertisement, especially if it is carrying a 9’ tall version of Novak Djokovic– people are going to look!! Lowest CPM:  As a result of outdoor advertising reaching the majority of...

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