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Nashville Bus Advertising

With the incredible boom of ‘Cashville’ over the past decade, more and more advertisers have come to see the value of what a 40-foot, street-level ad machine brings to their marketing efforts. Nashville hosted more than 13.5 million visitors in 2015, and no one sits in their hotel room (and Nashville has more than 27,100 hotel rooms), watching local or national news when they visit the Music City. Visitors to the Music City listen to live music, go to pro or college sporting events, visit museums, amusement parks, and great restaurants. In Nashville, we serve up big, bold and creative bus ads to visitors like Nashvillians like their chicken…Hot!

In the neighborhoods and the extremely busy streets of Nashville, MTA buses are in front of the locals and tourists alike. In fact, there is no better way to get in front of the people living in, and visiting Middle Tennessee than with bus advertising with Adsposure. We offer many options for advertising on MTA buses and below you’ll see some of our ads in the varying formats available. 

Full Bus Wraps

Advertising with a full bus wrap will result in a big, bold, impossible to miss brand message that is sure to catch the eye of your customers and prospective customers. Your advertisement will reach people on both sides of the street, as well as cars and people alongside the bus and behind it.

Full Side

When your choice of bus advertising is a full side, you’ll have the option of choosing the driver’s side or passenger side. Both have advantages. With a passenger’s side bus advertisement you’ll reach everyone entering the bus or walking by on the sidewalk. If you choose the driver’s side you’ll reach drivers and their passengers next to the bus, in traffic, and people walking on the opposite side of the street.

King Kong

The choice of a King Kong bus ad gives your business space to deliver your company’s brand message from the top of the bus to the bottom between the front and rear tires.

Kong & Headliner

Unlike the King Kong option where your ad covers the entire space from the top of the bus to the bottom, including windows and in between the front and rear tires, a Kong & Headliner excludes that window space.

Extended Kong

An Extended Kong runs from front tire to rear tire with an extension into the window.


A Kong is a rectangular ad running from the front tire to the rear tire of the bus.


A King is slightly smaller than its brother the Kong, also running between the front and rear tires below the windows.


Full Back

Imagine your brand message in a place where any car sitting behind the bus can’t miss it. It’s a nice, big, bold in your face place to reach customers and prospective customers when they’re either driving or sitting in traffic behind the bus. A Full Back runs from top to bottom of the backside of the bus.


Another great spot that can’t be ignored is the Supertail, covering the bottom half of the back of the bus.

Interior Card

Interior Card ads, unlike a radio or TV ad that can be turned off are visible to those riding the bus. Whether standing or sitting, riders will have a difficult time not seeing your company’s brand message.


Imagine a 30″ x 112″ advertisement located above riders’ heads as they make their daily commute. A captive audience of commuters who will surely read your message.

Grayline Access Full Wrap

Access Full Back