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Lexington Bus Advertising

Lexington Bus Advertising

If you don’t immediately think of horses when you think of Lexington, you definitely will after a trip to this vibrant city. While there are plenty of attractions involving horses throughout Lexington, there are also tons of other things to do as well.


Promote Your Brand with Lextran Transit Advertising

Operating 53 buses, 49 access vans and 3 trolleys, advertising on Lextran means your company’s marketing message will get maximum exposure. These transportation options run day and night all over the city. Locals and tourists pass multiple buses on even the shortest commutes. This provides the perfect opportunity to get your brand’s message across to a diverse group of people by way of out-of-home transit advertising with Adsposure.


There’s Lots to Do in Lexington

This may be a city for horse lovers, but locals and visitors don’t shy away from anything else the city has to offer. Lexington has five of the most historic bourbon distilleries in the country, and people drive in from all over to see them. When those people enter the city, they can’t help but notice all the big, bold bus advertising on the roads.


Buses in Lexington are relied upon heavily by natives and tourists alike to the different distilleries, horse museums, live events and anything else going on. With the large amount of buses operating at any given moment, you won’t have a better opportunity to expand your brand awareness and spontaneous recall to consumers in all demographics.


The Benefits of Bus Advertising

So many people are exposed to bus advertising in and around the city, incorporating it into your marketing plan can be more effective than almost any means of promotion. Here’s why:


  • You will easily get hundreds of thousands of impressions per month on your ads, especially during the many special events Lexington hosts.
  • Buses follow the crowds, delivering your message to people where they live, work and play.
  • You’ll get one of the lowest costs per impression for your ad dollars.
  • Since consumers often make purchasing decisions when they are outside their homes, you can capitalize on an out-of-home advertising strategy.


Adsposure has the honor of serving many Lexington businesses, along with other great companies in the 5 markets we serve. We’ve helped them get maximum brand exposure for over a decade. Contact us today to make your company known in the Horse Capital of the World.


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Lexington Market | Ad Specifications

Full Bus Wraps

Full Side

King Kong

Kong Headliner

Extended Kong


King Headliner


Extended Mini Kong

Mini Kong Headliner

Mini Kong


Full Back




Interior Card

Trolley Full Back

Access Full Wraps

Access King

Access Queen

Access Kong

Access Full Back

Shuttle Full Wrap

Shuttle King

Shuttle Full Back