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Des Moines Bus Advertising

Des Moines, Iowa has long been one of the hidden treasures in the United States, but it is quickly becoming a known commodity. The city recognized its popularity early on and began offering different transportation options for locals and visitors via the Des Moines Area Regional Transit (DART). Thousands of people drive, ride, walk or bike to get where they’re going. The common theme among them is everyone will see multiple buses throughout their commute. As a result, transit advertising has never been more valuable to advertisers .


So Much to Do in Des Moines

Des Moines attracts a variety of people  for many reasons. Because there are so many different activities, it’s a diverse group. Here are just a few of the most popular De Moines attractions:



The city is also known for its festivals and other seasonal attractions. Many people are out-and-about for these events, which is when most purchasing decisions are made. Out-of-home advertising displays your product or service when consumers are most likely to make a purchase.


Thousands of Diverse People See Bus Advertising

DART offers over 140 buses and shuttles  that run dozens of routes at any given moment reaching millions of people in just a few short months, making bus advertising one of the lowest costs per impression. Downtown Des Moines is expecting even more rapid growth and development over the next decade, so the value of bus ads will only increase. When you think about how many people pass by (or are stuck in traffic behind) buses, you can understand the impact transit advertising  can have on your top-of-mind  brand awareness.


Build Your Brand Awareness Through Bus Advertising in Des Moines

Getting your message in front of the masses is what makes bus advertising effective and builds your brand awareness. Bus passengers, people on the street and drivers will all see your ad because the buses literally go everywhere in the city .


Adsposure couldn’t be more pleased to serve a great city like Des Moines. The various demographics and rapid growth make it a perfect city for bus advertising exposure. Be sure to contact us to learn more about the phenomenal opportunity available through transit advertising for your company.


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