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An Uncluttered Holiday Wish

This holiday season my wish, besides good health, wealth, and happiness for all marketers who are chasing the perfect keywords and click through rates is to stop over-thinking it! Let me explain.


“Cutting through the Clutter” of media fragmentation and trying to standout in a world that is all about the next consumer technology, like making everything on demand is why we are in the Out-of-Home space. Insert shameless plug for the unmatched CPMs of Transit Advertising. Thanks for indulging me. Back to my holiday wish for you.


For every new entertainment or news app that hits the market and allows a consumer to avoid almost all commercial messaging, I read about a marketing technology that will send a message to someone’s phone when they walk by or even when they’re thinking about a purchase! Not quite, but it is coming folks.


The internet and digital marketing have become the Mother of all Fragmentation. And sadly, I run into clients every week with a story about an SEO or SEM “agency” that is taking their money and not delivering results anywhere near what they expect. Does that sound familiar? Oftentimes I will be in a meeting with a client talking about the benefits of Transit Media in helping build brand awareness while guiding them through the essential track to AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action) and they say… “we are doing a lot of digital”. To that I reply “really, I haven’t seen any messaging from you”? I then slide over my tablet and ask them to show me some of their ads, and 99% of the time they can’t. Then to hear them explain why they aren’t coming up in the search results or where they think their ads are is sad to me, and disappointing to them.


Transit advertising reaches real people as they go about their day traveling to and from work, taking the kids to activities, going out for dinner, and when they’re enjoying entertainment options outside the home. We spend 70% of our day outside the home, and transit media reaches consumers during that time.

Stop the Insanity! Get some transparency. Better yet get some real eyeballs on your brand and don’t put all your eggs in the Russian Roulette of Digital. Oh yeah…and Happy Holidays!

L.V. Semona